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equation driven curves

Question asked by Julie Jette on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by Harold Brunt

I'm having a problem with equation driven curves.  Let me try to explain:


If I look at the help files found when searching for:  Equation Driven Curve Property Manager, there is a description on how to enter either parametric or explicit equations.

A part of the documentation includes the following text and examples:

You can also use feature dimensions, document properties, and custom properties in equations. For example:



However, when I try to use ‘equations’ that I have defined (like the parameter “length” would have been defined) the equation turns red indicating that the equation is not valid.  Since I do not want to use sketch dimensions in this case, I need to be able to use the equation editor to define some values.


It seems that either the documentation is wrong (meaning it is NOT possible to use parameters defined such as "length" to drive the curve) or something is a bug with SW that is causing the problem;


I have tried in SW 2010 and SW2011 but I get the same error.


does someone have a solution or an example where this works?