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    Solidworks will expire in...

    Shane McCotter

      Hi there,


      I recently received the SolidWorks Student Design Kit that came with my SolidWorks school book.  It lets me use Solidworks for the semester.  But after I installed it, it said it will expire in 3 days, now it's down to 1 day and will expire tomorrow.  The pamphlet says it is good for 150 days though.  Just wondering why it's going to expire??


      Shane McCotter

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          John Burrill

          Talk to your school and the professor that assigned the software or check the materials and see if there's an 800 number for registration support on the packaging.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            Does the Student Edition need activating?


            Without activation, a regular licence is disabled after 30 days. Maybe the student version has a similar, but shorter, trial period.

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              Deepak Gupta

              Welcome to SW forums Shane.


              You better check with the professor over their the collage to help you OR look out for the information on the DVD pack for the registration (if there is any)


              Also check this post for help: Link to contact student edition support for technical issues.

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                Shane McCotter

                I looked at the pamphlet and there's no number, it also says the only support is through the forums and general questions, as no technical support is available for the Student Design Kit.  My teacher only knows that there you can download it, it isn't required for the class but he said if we wanted we could download it, but he knows nothing about it.


                I did have to activate it, I first had to go to www.solidworks.com/SDK2010, but in this code from the pamphlet, then it emailed me a 20 digit serial and a link to download it.  I downloaded it, put in the serial, and activated.  When I start up, it says it will expire in 1 day and asks if I want to activate it.  I say yes, it activates online, says it succeeded so I click finish then a popup comes up saying it's going to expire.  Weird thing is though before I click finish it says I activated SolidWorks Standard and has an "Expiry" of 01/27/2011.  So it's like I downloaded a 3 day tryout for Solidworks Standard?



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                  Randy Petrongelli

                  Just curious was the book new or used?


                  When I was in  a SW course about a year ago, a classmate got a used book without the pamphlet. He contacted someone at solidworks, or maybe the  company that published the book, and got a new activation key.


                  If your book was used I could see this happening. I had to get a new book, and didn't have this problem.