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Bend Table as External Reference

Question asked by Denny Metcalf on Jan 25, 2011



This has been bugging me for a long time but hasn't been a big deal until now (just as I predicted). I modeled a bunch of sheet metal parts and used a bend table converted from existing shop data. The problem is, the data has now been refined and now I have new values for my bend table.


Now it's a two step process to update every single part. First delete the existing embedded bend table and then update it with the new bend table. Very tedious... not even listening to Journey on loop can save me. Is it possible when linking a bend table to a part, to not embed it but instead have it externally reference the master excel table at some UNC location?


At the very least, is there a faster way to replace an existing bend table with an updated bend table under the same file name? When you try to do a direct replacement, SolidWorks acts like it's the same file without looking at the contents. I realize that I should probably have a revision noted on my bend table files so I know what parts have been updated and what haven't... but who renames their files with revision? Not only would that difficult to manage, but it'd break references. Besides, if it was looking on the network for a master bend table file, I wouldn't need to worry about what version of the bend table I'm using, now would I?