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    How good is Solidworks in Fenestration Heat Transfer?

    George Karoubas

      There are a number of free programms (like therm, windows etc), for calculating the U value of fenestrations (steady state analysis).

      I would like to know, is it wortwhile to try to simulate a fenestration to solidworks, or the results will be poor?


      Thank you.

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          Loic Ancian


          SW simulation professional (2D thermal analysis) will be needed for such calculations.

          But you will be able to compute heat transfer only (and you will have to create solids for the air inside the window).

          If you only need U, then you will have to have (and to know) how to calculate U from temperatures and heat transfer.


          Clearly sw simulation is very usefull if you want to study how heat transfers in your model and how you can optimize it.

          But if you want to know U, then there are many free or very cheap softwares that are perfect for this.