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EPDM and a supplier without EPDM

Question asked by Henrik Hansen on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2011 by Jon Brunke

Hi all


We are having a problem as we need to send assemblies, parts and drawings all stored in and revision controlled by EPDM2010, to a supplier without EPDM. They are going to modify files without any access to our database. Needles to say this causes a lot of problems for us as EPDM doesn't reconigze the files when checked in to our vault again as WPDM did. We basically overwrite the existing files, and redo the file references (because not all files will be checked in again) and increment the revision to former status. Sp i guess my question is; Is there anybody out there dealing with a simular situation and how do you do it?


PS. I know this is bad practice and ideally our supplier should direct access to our database, but we have to deal with it for now.