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    AutoCAD templates for EPDM?

    John Steensen

      Hey all,


      I am not a horribly experienced AutoCAD user, and have never made attribute based AutoCAD templates before. I have the AutoCAD templates set up, with blocks and attributes for DWGNO and other variables, but I dont know what I am doing wrong.


      I do know the EPDM administration side is set up correctly, so I know its isolated to the template file itself.


      Has anyone done this before, and maybe have a good how-to or guide? I am using AutoCAD 2010 LT if it matters, but we will have users going back as far as AutoCAD 2007.





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          Corey Vantilborg



              1st make sure you don't have nested blocks for the Titleblock.  What I mean is make sure that by edit attributes inside AutoCAD you can edit the titleblock.


               Then its as simple as making sure the variable is set up correct in the Vault to map to the blocks.


               How do you know the SEPDM side is set up right? Without being sure about the blocks and attritbutes you'll be using its impossible to set up SEPDM.



          Corey Vantilborg

          Tigercat Industries

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            Raguraman Thulasiraman



            Try the below methods and check whether it works for your.

            The following example demonstrates how to map drawing title block






            • In AutoCAD, identify the block and attribute name (tag) used in the drawing title block.






            • In the Administration tool, create a variable named Drawing number and Click New Attribute.






            • Under Selected attribute:


            • For Block name, select Title_1.
            • For Attribute name, type Draw_No.
            • Type the AutoCAD file extensions that contain this block, separated by commas. Example:- dwg, dxf and Click OK.






            • In EPDM Card Editor, open the AutoCAD file data card and add an edit box and select the new Drawing number variable as the Variable name.





            • Save the card and close the Card Editor.