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New Desktop required to do 25k part assemblies - suggestions?

Question asked by Systems Administrator on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by Systems Administrator

Hi All


I need to spec quite a powerful, but still budget conscious desktop for our design office.

Our upper price bracket is $7500


  1. I will use SW21010 on Windows 7 / 64bit and Synergis Adept Document management software.
  2. I also need this machine to do FEA on a regular basis on assemblies with no more than 30 parts.
  3. The machine will mostly be doing factory layouts with up to 25k parts. The parts are nothing special with regular geometry and no complicated surfacing at all.
  4. All our data is stored on a server, so only a single, fast HD is needed and I'm thinking 24GB RAM is a must.
  5. I'm pretty much set on Dell as we've had bad experiences with built up machines in the past.


I am a bit unsure as to what I should be getting for the rest of the machine, especially MB, procs and graphics.


Any suggestions?


Scott Houston