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RE; Excel Table in SW Dwg Corrupted when exported as PDF

Question asked by Mark Tuckey on Jan 24, 2011

I have a lot of tabulated data on a drawing with 6 sheets; first sheet is the model drawing, remaining 5 sheets lots of text in tables. I started trying to insert it as word tables but no matter what I did, the table line thicknesses got corrupted in the SW Drawing. I then switched to Excel and as long as I kept the line thicknesses in Excel all "thin" before I pasted it into SW, everything seemed to go fine. However  I then needed to export the SW drawing sheets as a PDF (for distribution) and guess what?  Line thicknesses all over the place again!


Any ideas anyone? - I have tried playing with the PDF export settings but no luck, and I get the same problems using cutePDF.#


I hope to hear from you.