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a problem with moving parts with physical dynamics

Question asked by Joel Rapoport on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

hello all,



i have an assembly i need to check, so i deleted all the parts except the relevant ones to the move im interested in.

so i have around 4 parts, and im trying to move them with physical dynamics to see if they will move like i think they should.

the problem is that it doesnt move at all, and im getting a message that the parts cant be moved becuse the model started in a colliding position.

the weird thing is that i checked, even with the clearence  verification tool, and i have at least 0.4mm between parts, and of course nothing collides.

also tried lowering the sensitivity to min, and checking the ignore complex surfaces, but nothing help.


anyone has any ideas?



thanks in advance,Untitled-1.jpg