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edrawing information not up-to-date

Question asked by Jim Holland on Jan 24, 2011

I'm having the same problem explained in a previous post.


"So here's the deal:  I had to produce a drawing of an existing part, but with some modifications.  To save time, I copied the part file and the drawing with new names and modified the existing part file.  I used SW explorer to make sure the new drawing was referencing the correct part file.  Everything worked out fine.  I only had to dimension the new features and I released the part to the shop.


However, the drawing comes up differently in eDrawings (which the shop uses).  Nothing has updated.  If I open the .slddrw file in SW it shows the new part/dimensions/etc. (If I open the slddrw file in SW with "Quick View" option or if the shop (or me for that matter) open it in eDrawings, it shows all of the old information.


Do I need to do something different to make the drawing file come up correctly in eDrawings?  I'd really rather not have to detail the whole part all over again just because eDrawings is limited."


We are not saving to an edrawing file.  One previous solution was to be sure that "Save tessellated data for drawings with shaded and draft quality views" is selected in Drawing Options.  This option is checked and doesn't help.


How can the drawing Quick View and the eDrawing (read from the slddrw) be different than the information in the "Loaded" drawing.


Just to clarify the easm and pdf information is correct.


When I create a new drawing the Title Block custom properties are also missing in the edrawing.