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Wheels of Segway Lego robots are slippery

Question asked by Cor Jansen on Jan 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2011 by John Sutherland



I'm evaluating Solidworks using the Premium 2011 version.

I'm walking thru the Lego tutorials building and simulating the Segway robot.


My simulations are not the same as the ones in the videos. I see the wheels of the robot turn but the Segway does not move accordingly.

It is as if the wheels are very slippery. I checked the Solid Body Contact features several time and they are ok.


When running the motion studie from the Finished folder that comes with the turotial, the same happens. The Segway just falls down while the

wheels are spinning. But the wheels just slip.


Does anybody know what is wrong? Is there a bug in 2011?

I'm did not install service packs because I have an evaluation version which does not allow me to update.


I hope someone can help me a little further.