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Presentation in motion

Question asked by John Sutherland on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2011 by Shrikant Savant

I want to present impressive motion results and receive acclaim.  So far it has not happened.


There are two outstanding problems:-


1)     Integration halts, without message, before the scheduled time has elapsed and before the required motion has executed.  The time clock keeps ticking as scheduled.  The results are plotted up to the time that integration halted.  Captured video bitmaps are created for the remainder of the timeline, when there was no integration, but the contents are the last calculated image.


2)     SolidWorks cannot properly render the graphic view in motion.  The images below show an assembly of two near identical subs.  When switching from the model view to the motion view, the yellow display state of the right hand sub drops out of the picture.  When the integration starts, whole solids will drop out of the picture.  When capturing video of the motion, the SW rendering engine reproduces what I see on screen, but the PW rendering engine reproduces what is supposed to be there, but does it in a style which is not quite what I want (I would prefer wireframe for some solids).


I have been checking the hardware BIOS error log to see if any errors have been reported, but there are none.


I have checked the SW RX diagnostics but no errors are reported.


Page file usage is reported at just over 2GB in an 8GB system, although page file is disabled.


What can I do to get a result?