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Workgroup PDM capabilities

Question asked by Kathy Richardson on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2011 by Kenneth Barrentine



I would like to get a general feel for the SolidWorks PDM capabilities.


  • Are there modules that will manage other CAD data? Catia? Pro/E? AutoCad (thermal desktop)? Mentor Graphics (pcad)?
  • What is the ease for full change control? Class I or II changes that may or may not require CCB? Are the workflows easy to customize?
  • How is access control handled? Can you isolate data from users per product line or company sites? Can you flag datasets as ‘ITAR’ classification?
  • What are the MRP export capabilities? Can you build a ‘MBOM’ of parts based on the CAD dataset ‘EBOM’? Will this export into say SAP or Visibility?
  • Can you publish drawings (PDF) from the controlled CAD datasets showing release status with watermarks?


Thanks in advance, Kathy