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Using Linked Part Variables as Part of an Equation to Drive an Assembly Feature?

Question asked by Andrew Warren on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2011 by Kelvin Lamport

I am not able to use a linked value from a part in an assembly to drive a linear component pattern.  This seems like something I would think Solidworks should be able to do so I'm assuming I'm doing something incorrectly.  Here is my method :


This is SW2010 SP 3.1


Create a part.  Let's go with a simple rectangular block 3"x6"x1". 

Double-click on the Boss-Extrude, double click on the 1" dimension and do a 'Link Value' on it and Call it 'thickness'

Save it as "Test Part."

File -> Make Assembly From Part

Insert that Test Part into the Assembly.

Linear Component Pattern

Direction anywhere you wish

Spacing 5 (or whatever you wish)

5 instances (or whatever you wish)

Select the Test Part as the component to pattern

Click the check mark

Double Click the LocalPattern in the Design Tree

Double Click the spacing dimension (5 in my case)

Add Equation

Hit + Next to Test Part in Design Tree

Hit + Next to Equations

Select 'thickness'

Hit OK

I get a red exclamation point in the Equations List and if I hit OK again and rebuild the assembly, I get the following error (attached picture)


Am I incorrectly assuming you can use a dimension from a part to drive an assembly feature?


It works, obviously, if I create a reference dimension within the assembly to the desired dimension of the part but that just seems redundant.


Thanks for your help,


Andrew Warren