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Resolved and Issue with Excel 2010 Click-to-Run, thought I'd share

Discussion created by Jeffrey Matthias on Jan 20, 2011
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I am posting this because if someone already has, I didn't find it last week and it could have prevented a week of headache for me.


In a hurry, I purchased Microsoft Office as a downloadable so that I could get a design table done on file ASAP. The program came via Digital River and Microsoft's wonderful Click-to-Run service. I caught the word virtualization in the description, but since there were clearly files being downloaded to my system and Excel ran while I wasn't online, I didn't think about it again. Well, it turns out that Click-to-Run does use some sort of virtualization and so the install doesn't take the course of a normal install. This is a problem for Solidworks because it doesn't install the correct OLEs and so when you call for a design table in Solidworks, absolutely nothing happens.


If you find yourself in this position, or about to purchase Office online, there is a simple solution to have a normal install. Here is the excerpt from Microsoft's site on how to do this. (excerpted from


If Office Click-to-Run does not meet your needs, you can uninstall it, and obtain the MSI-based Office product. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall the Office Click-to-Run version of Office 2010 by using Control Panel.
  2. Visit the site where you purchased Office 2010, and sign in by using your Live ID.
  3. Then, click My Account at the top of the home page to access your Office 2010 downloads.
  4. Click Download for the suite you purchased, and then click Advanced Options underDownload Now .
    A version of Office 2010 is listed that is not an Office Click-to-Run product and that does not require theQ: drive to be available.


I searched for "Click-to-Run" in the forums and Knowledge Base before I installed the software and found no warnings. If I missed it somehow, sucks for me. If not, hope this helps.