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When a line or surface will not show on dimension tool.

Question asked by RICH PAUZA on Jan 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2011 by RICH PAUZA

Hi everybody,


When I am pulling geometry off an imported solid model sometimes I have a surface or a line that will not read a radius with the dimension tool.


In a similar deal - sometimes I can not pick the mid point of profile curves - in the model or even after I bring them into a drawing.


I have got around it buy making another sketch and setting points eye ball close to the mid point - coincident to the line and then dimensioning to an end point until it is centered - with a missing radius I draw a circle - add coincident constraints to the end points, and change the circle diameter till I get close for a size.


When is a radius not a visible radius....?


What geometry lets you pick a midpoint & what will not let you...?