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Where are Variable Update performed in EPDM transitions: Server or Client

Question asked by Barry Stump on Jan 20, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by Tor Iveroth

I am being told that during transitions, variable updates may be being performed on the client machine rather than on the server.  This is a huge network and client burden actually happening.  In cases when the files are fully checked in and the cache is cleared, this would mean they have to be re downloaded, updated, and re-uploaded.  Can someone in the know actually confirm or deny this?  We are trying to do a lot of automation and an ongoing complaint is the time state changes take so I am not that surprised if the above is true.  This is not an issue in cases where we expect SolidWorks to be opened (ie Task printing) but for all simple state changes with variable updates it is a great deal of unnessesary network operations.