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    Extract Surface

      I am thinking of another method but don't have SWX on this machine to try.
      Cut off the bottle at fluid line. Insert into solid box. Split bottle from box. Delete outer disjointed solid. The remaining solid will be internal volume of the bottle.
      That seems to be much easier than selecting a bunch of faces to offset zero or delete (especially on a complex shape typical of many bottles these days). But again, I haven't tried exactly that. Yet.
      If you could post an example bottle I'll give it ago when I get back to work Monday.

      PS. Giving it a few more minutes of thought I bet using the Mold tools would make this a trivial exercise. Post your bottle file.
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          Don't you just miss the extreme flexibility of I-DEAS? Not always the best at surfacing, but you could do so many things to get the shape you wanted...I do llike SW a lot though, much better than I do Pro as a WHOLE package.
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            Another method:

            1. Insert an Extrude Cut, removing the top of the bottle down to the waterline.

            2. Insert a Delete Face, removing the face that is made by the cut.

            3. Delete the Surface Body that is the outside wall of the bottle.

            4. Insert a Surface FIll to close the inside wall at the waterline, using the "Merge Result" and "Try to Form Solid" options to make a solid.

            I used Ideas for about 6 years - so much control, but not easy to figure out.

            Dwight Livingston
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              Thanks. It looks like this is what I have been looking for.

              Best regrds
              Andrzej L. Soporowski
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                Select all the internal surfaces of your bottle. Offset them zero distance. Make a surface that would be the top level of the liqiud. Trim that surface with the inside bottle surfaces to make a clean top. Thicken those surfaces into a solid but do not merge that solid. You will now have a seperate solid that you can get the mass properties of. To do that under the "Solid Bodies" section in the feature manager pick only the new body you just created and do the mass propoerties command as usual. If this is something you plan to render I suggest offsetting the internal surfaces a very very small amount.

                Ken Maren
                Muderlak Design
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                  I have question: is there a way in SW to extract surfaces and create new volume (solid)?. We design a lot of perfume bottles and I need to determine internal volume of glass. I am new (8 months) to SW. In my previous life I used I-DEAS (14 years) and that was the method that I would use. maybe SW use something different that I am not aware of.

                  SW-2006 SP-4.1