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SW 2011 SP0 on new Win 7 X64 slowly comes to "not responding"

Question asked by Jordan Nolan on Jan 19, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by Wayne Matus

We have a new Lenovo S20 Quad core XEON with 4 GB RAM and the ATI FirePro V3700 with a fresh install of SW 2011 SP0 X64 on Windows 7 X64.  We also have about a half dozen or more XP 32 machines of assorted quality running running 2011 SP0 x32 which have been upgraded from SW 2007 SP5.


All the XP 32 machines that have been through various upgrades seem to be behaving well, however this new more powerfull machine with a fresh install of Windows 7 and SW 2011 x64 is having issues where SW will slowly start to lose power throughout the day and finally end up causing windows to prompt that the program is not responding.


The user did not notice any other type of errors popping up so it is making it difficult to try to figure out what is going on.  The S20 is supposed to work with SW and the ATI V3700 is listed as fully tested.  We do only have 4 GB memory on the system where the min is 1 GB (Yeah, right....) and a recommended of 6 GB, but since our models are so simple we did not think 4 GB would be causing the issue especially since the XP 32 users are doing the same work on a lower end system with only 2 GB max on theirs.


I see that SP01 is out and SP02 is in EV, but don't want to start patching thing just for the sake of patching.