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Limiting low level part, assembly and drawing selection in Enterprise PDM

Question asked by Barry Stump on Jan 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by Barry Stump

Maybe I am missing a settign here, but is there a why in Enterprise PDM to disable the inclusion of lower level parts, assemblies, drawings or any other referenced files?  This is an issue with us as we change states or whatever on ever groing size assemblies and assembly drawings.  We push a higher level drawing thru checking or whatever along with certain other files but it tries to drag along everything (is the state is acceptable).  Last night I was printing certain drawings thru a state change transition and in this case the number of parts and assemblies I did want was less than 15% of the 100ish number of files it tried to drag along.   We are now on EPDM 1010 SP4.0 (5.0 next week and 2011 SP2.0 soon afterwards).