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Weldments and Machining Drawings

Question asked by Rodney Michels on Jan 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2011 by Joel Bickel

Are there other users out there creating Weldment and Machining Drawings, and creating both as two seperate part numbers?  We are, and we do this because of the size of the parts.  Some manufactures can't handle both jobs, so we have to send them to seperate manufactures.  We also have a third number.  This number is created strickly to call out the two other part numbers for our MRP system.


At the moment, our process is to create a part file and name it the one that calls out the other two.  This part does not have a drawing.  As you all know, when creating a weldment, SolidWorks creates an As Machined and As Weldment.  So we rename those two configs as the other two part numbers.  Then when we create the drawings, we save the drawings as the correct part file, ensuring we use the correct config for the drawing.  This process works, but not so well with PDMWorks WorkGroup.  Releasing drawings is where it gets tricky with only one part file supporting two seperate drawings.


We are kicking around another idea as to creating the Weldment part and saving it as its own number.  Then inserting it into another part as a derived part, this would be the Machining part.  It would get its own number.  Then insert both into an assembly, making the assembly number what calls out the other two parts.  The assembly doesn't get a drawing, as like the other two part do.  Then when it comes time to release the weldment, you can release the part without effecting the machining.


I know we can't be the only ones doing this.  How many others out there do this and how do you handle it?