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Salvaging Simulation Results Following SW Crash

Question asked by Gavin McDougall on Jan 18, 2011

Occassionally whilst running a Simulation and working on another part in the background (probably not best practice but I only have one machine available), Solidworks will not like something that I do, encounter an error and be forced to close.


I notice that the actual simulation study does not seem to be affected and continues to run through the restart of Solidworks. It will then continue to run until 100% complete, at which time the 'study' box dissapears as it would normally. However the problem is that the results never appear in Solidworks as they would normally.


Is there a way of seeing the results when this happens? It's almost as if the results have been calculated but are not being linked to the part correctly. Or is there simply no point in allowing the simulation calcultion to continue following a Solidworks crash?