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Lofted Bend Boat Hull Tab Detail

Question asked by Marcel La Fond on Jan 17, 2011

A while back I posted about using Lofted Bends to design a boat hull.  Thank you all who helped me out.  I now have a longitudinal girder (or stringer) that is a vertical plate trimmed at the inner surface of the hull and then trimmed again to make a squared edge so my CNC cutting supplier can do the part with no bevels.  On that edge I have specified some tabs to locate to slots in the hull skin.


I attached the associated files and I hope they will open properly because there are external references.

If it does open and if you see something there I have missed, help would be appreciated.


Look at the x20015 file.  There is a finger joint so the part will fit on an 8 ft sheet of plywood.  When it is suppressed, all is OK.  When unsuppressed, the Boss-Extrude Tab features fail.  In my mind there should be no relationship between the tabs features and the Cut-Extrude Finger Joint feature.


Thanks for looking.