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SolidWorks files open but no product part inside

Question asked by Maxim Teleguz on Jan 17, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2011 by Jeffrey Shuck

I recently came back from the holidays and opened up my assembly as usual to work on it. But to my surprise most of the parts were missing; i quickly highlighted the parts that were missing and opened the part, it opened nicely except one problem. There was no data on the left hand side that the part existed or even ever was created.


I may have a reason to believe that last week my solidworks crashed and took the files with it, (as if solidworks is not releasing the files).

I don't know what to do my boss needs me to complete it this week and send a step. file to a fabricator for final completion.


did anybody ever come across a problem like this?


When solidworks crashed i was in the middle of converting to a step file. now my folder where the assembly was is filled with filenames undefined, undefined_1_1  to undefined_114


file size isnt that big either 40kb out of the usual 160 or wahtever.

also some of the files are greyed out and have a tilda in front of them "~$HSS-3x3.1_1" the project isn't even open!!!