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    Using 3d content CHS library Vs Custom?

    Joseph Ankers

      Ok so there is a Tube/CHS library 


      see the first image attached.


      I was hoping this would come with materials etc included so on.


      However it is very minimal and basically contains a sketch of OD and ID. also it is saved as a SLDLFP?


      what advantages does this have over just making a design library of your own sizes etc? or is it just that there are some there already?


      also other difference's are the "design library logo next to name in tree" also what does the Green arrow on the sketch name symbol mean?

        • Re: Using 3d content CHS library Vs Custom?
          Joseph Ankers

          suppose this should also include tool box,


          a way i have to get around some of the issues with the 3d centeral is.


          to use the toolbox.


          by using File New part, and then opening the toolbox ensures that all the properties from not only the material etc are corrent but also it used the Part custom properties,


          How do you add/remove folders from the toolbox?