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Photoview 2011 hangs up solidworks

Question asked by Ramd Amnt on Jan 17, 2011

It seems like when I was watching the videos on photoview 360 the load times were very fast. I have a small assembly about 50-75 parts including hardware. It will hang up the systems for about 30 seconds when I open the preview window and then everytime the model updates it will freeze both solidworks and photoview again for about 10 seconds to update. The same model never had a problem in 2010 version. Is this a computer spec issue? It is a very annoying problem to have especially when I go to insert a screw or update a materail and I have to wait a long time. It also seem as if the model loads into solidworks slower.


My system is as follows:

i7 920 @ 3.6 GHz

6Gb g-skill triple channel ram OC to 1440 Mhz

Nvidia 450 GTS (sent back and a 465 GTX is replacing it)

WD 250 Gb 7200 pm hdd

win7 x64