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Add cam mate to assembly

Question asked by Kris Persaud on Jan 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by Kris Persaud

I'm trying to animate the sub-assembly "Copy of PMT Assembly" to move up and down by following the cam installed on the Nema motor. I've mate the sub assembly (PMT assy) to only move up and down in the cover assembly by manually draging the assembly but I wold like to see how it moves by following the path of the cam as this is my design intent. Do I need to use Advanced Mates (Path Mate) or Mechanical Mates (Cam). I've never used any of these mates in SW so I'm really struggling to do this. All I've done is using Standard Mates. Please let me know if I need to supply more information. Thanks in advance or any help