new system questions

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 6, 2006
What processor are you looking at? What hard drives are you looking at? Does the price you quoted include a monitor? If so, what monitor do you have spec'ed?

I would not hesitate getting a Dell, but you need to get the right system and not just the lowest cost workstation they have.

Let us know what the other components you are looking at and we can then go to the Dell website and spec out a decent system for you.


Anna Wood
SW06 SP5 x64, WinXP x64
Dell Precision 380, Pentium D940, 4 Gigs RAM, FX3450
WD Raptors, 1 Gb network connection

on 2006 6 13:04 GWatts wrote:
> We have been looking at a new workstation for quite a while, thankfully not
> in a hurry. Current discussion centers on the motherboard.
> My son-in-law, builder of choice, is recommending The Intel Desktop Board
> D975XBX Utilizing Intel's advanced 975X Express Chipset, with ATI CrossFire
> support, include 8 SATA connectors with RAID support, 8-channel onboard HD
> Audio, PCIe Gigabyte LAN port and IEEE 1394 support, supports the Intel Viiv
> technology. Anyone have an opinion of this board?
> Not being high end users of SW we intend to use 4GB DDR 667 RAM, Quadro
> FX560 vidio card, 16x DVD+R / CD-ROM, XP Pro edition SP2B. total $2325
> The boss keeps shoving lower cost Dell systems under my nose making me
> second guess and justify everything, which is OK as I have little experience
> buying computers. I think we have a pretty good setup here but I would like
> your opinion to help me shut the boss up. Your opinion of the Dell experience
> and their mother-boards. Or maybe you have a better more cost effective
> sulution, that would also be cool.
> Thanks Ger