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Rendering solids in viewports

Question asked by John Sutherland on Jan 15, 2011

I specify some bodies to display in wire frame so that I can see their orientation during animation, without their concealing the action behind them.


My complaints are:-


1)     When I look at the model view screen, typically some solids are blanked out.  So I click the corresponding entry in the FT and the solid appears, but another blanks.  It is near impossible for SW to render all components of the model simultaneously.


2)     In animation (Motion Analysis), most of the floating solids blank out very soon after the start, and I rely on a few geometry elements to indicate where the model is.


3)     When saving the animation video as .bmp images, post animation rendering by the SW screen renderer shows no more than I saw on screen during animation.


4)     Although post animation rendering by PW finds all the solids that SW missed, it behaves like a drunken sailor with a paintbrush and renders everything solid and opaque, ignoring most of my material, display and appearance settings.  I tried specifying solids of air and glass to achieve transparency, but the result is not impressive; I would rather have wireframe.


5)     Software or hardware OGL makes no difference.