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    Make part from block

    Kris Persaud

      I've created a two blocks within the same sketch. On one of the block I've created a path around its parameter and save the block as path. I saved the other block also. I need to make separate parts out of these blocks. Do I need to create an assembly layout to do this? I tried to do this by creating a layout and then insert the blocks but when I do this the blocks doos not follow the path I've created on the block named path. Does this mean that when I save a block that contains a part and insert it in an assembly the block looses path?

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          Scott McFadden


          I am a little confused as to what you are exactly looking for.

          Are you talking about saving a specific sketch that can be used to create

          a part?  I ask because the term "block" has been thrown around lately

          ans has meant everything from blocks of text to symbol type blocks.

          So I am just trying to get a clearer understanding as to what kind of block you are speaking to.

          If you are talking about the saving the sketch type in "saving sketches in the design table"

          in the help file and that will give you the steps needed.

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              Kris Persaud


              See the attached part. It contains a sketches that were converted into 2 blocks. The one name cam contains a path on the outer parameter where the other block travels along. I need to create parts from these blocks and have the parts animate as they do in this block layout. Try to rotate the block named cam (the center point of the big diameter is fixed) by picking the small diameter end and rotate around the large circle and you'll see what I'm talking about.