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    Setting up EPDM for 1st time

    Wayne White

      newbie here.


      But, I want to set up EPDM on Windows 7 machine, tieing into a 2003 Server where I have the Archive Server and all the Server side stuff set up. I have several XP laptops already set up and able to access the vault from these laptops, however they are part of domain, let's call it wayne.

      My 7 laptop is part of 'white' domain. I can RDP into the server and ping it with success but I can not login to the vault.


      Is this because I am part of a different domain?  I'm not very good when it comes to network stuff, but I can't seem to simply change the domain of my 7 laptop to simply make it part of 'wayne'.


      Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?

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          Lee CS Young

          You probably wouldn't want to change the domain beccuase it will create a new user and if you've been using your Win7 laptop for a decent period of time, you'll lose a lot of settings. (Which can be transferred, but that's another topic.)


          I would set up your machine to connect to the vault via IP addresses. Look in the Installation Guide for instructions. You should only have to configure your machine.

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            Tor Iveroth

            Its likely that it is the DNS resolution that fails on your non-domain laptop. I.e. the laptop cannot resolve the correct IP address to the SQL and Archive server names.  Updating the local HOSTS file on the system normally corrects this. See attached PDF.


            -Tor Iveroth, SolidWorks technical support

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              Simon Schuck

              If you can ping and resolve this wouldnt indicate DNS issues??? If your trying to log into the vault which is on a different domain to your W7 machine are using the same username for example:


              white\joe.bloggs   &  yellow\joe.bloggs  (white and yellow being the domain names) and do you log into the different domains with the same user name? Maybe your machine is trying to authenticate with the incorrect domain details ie the domain you W7 machine is in and not the domain your vault is in?


              Im not expert on EPDM but if I can help I will