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Setting up EPDM for 1st time

Question asked by Wayne White on Jan 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2011 by Simon Schuck

newbie here.


But, I want to set up EPDM on Windows 7 machine, tieing into a 2003 Server where I have the Archive Server and all the Server side stuff set up. I have several XP laptops already set up and able to access the vault from these laptops, however they are part of domain, let's call it wayne.

My 7 laptop is part of 'white' domain. I can RDP into the server and ping it with success but I can not login to the vault.


Is this because I am part of a different domain?  I'm not very good when it comes to network stuff, but I can't seem to simply change the domain of my 7 laptop to simply make it part of 'wayne'.


Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?