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Creating a routing component with multiple configurations from multiple parts?

Question asked by Jimmy Howard on Jan 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2011 by Jeremiah Feist

Hey all, I'm a new SW user, so forgive me if I'm attempting the impossible. I am working on building a routing library of PVC components (which I mistakingly assumed SW11 would have preinstalled). I received models of all of the fittings we use from our supplier in the form of ~1500 IGES files. I've successfully built a working library of all the 1.5" components and now need to add all the other sizes (1/4" - 6 or 8"). Is their any way I can add the various IGES models I have as configurations of the fittings I've already added to the library? I.E., add all of the tee fittings as configurations of the 1.5" tee I already have.


I've thought about putting all the tees in one model, and supressing every tee except for one in each different configuration, but that would result in some bulky files that would turn into some really bulky assemblies. Even if I did do this, I'm not sure how I would go about naming the RPoints and CPoints for each tee.


I'm starting to think that my best and most feasible option is to not have any configurations at all and just have every tee, bushing, elbow, flange, etc be a seperate file. This will make the library a little more bulky and the user will need to be a little more aware of what they are pulling into their route, but it might be the only way.