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TaskpaneView.AddControl question

Question asked by Kirill Sergeev on Jan 14, 2011
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I'm writing an add-in for SolidWorks 2010 (C#).

Previously I've made a (working) plugin for SolidWorks 2008, here is a part of is's code:


namespace SWBPlugin
      public class SWIntegration : ISwAddin
      public SldWorks mSWApplication;
      private int mSWCookie;

      private TaskpaneView mTaskpaneView;
     private SWTaskpaneHost mTaskpaneHost;




private void UISetup()
          mTaskpaneView = (TaskpaneView)mSWApplication.CreateTaskpaneView2("", "Plugin Title");
          mTaskpaneHost = (SWTaskpaneHost)mTaskpaneView.AddControl(SWTaskpaneHost.SWTASKPANE_PROGID, "");
           mTaskpaneHost.pSWApplication = mSWApplication;



The problem I'm facing is the following:   mTaskpaneHost is null, so there is nothing but the title (Plugin Title) in the right panel.

The decaration of the TaskpaneHost class:


public partial class SWTaskpaneHost : System.Windows.Forms.UserControl


They say, SolidWorks 2010 doesn't support System.Windows.Forms.UserControl.


So, what should I do to make my plugin to work in SW 2010?


Thanks to everyone!