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Enterprise PDM/Workgroup PDM and non solidworks files

Question asked by Ray Luck on Jan 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2011 by Ray Luck

Our company is going through bit of a transition mainly due to growth and I'm trying to streamline some of our work flow. We've dropped Autodesk Inventor and picked up Solidworks because it work better with our other software packages. Our problem is too many CAD files (obviously the Solidworks PDM will take care of this) but also too many files for our turrets and benders.


I would like to know if either Workgroup PDM or Enterprise PDM can be used to store non solidworks files, for example we use Jetcam for our punching, CADman for our benders and we're just purchased a milling machine so we'll have another bunch of programs to deal with. Can this all be taken care of in the PDM so that a part number has the model, drawing and pdf from Solidworks plus the Jetcam file plus the CADman file with revision control on all?


Our Solidworks rep will be out next week but I just wanted some background info before I see him.