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Help getting mass into Design Table

Question asked by Dan Buffo on Jan 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by Dan Buffo

I am fairly new to design tables.  I understand how they work and I know how to add parameters by double clicking on the dimension.  I have a DT driving an assembly with about 10 simple parts in it.  I would like to add the weights of the parts that are of the same material together so I can get weight totals by material.  Since the weight of a part does not show up as a dimension that you can click on, I have to add it to the table manually.  The help says to use "$sw-mass".  I understand this will work in a part but I am in an assembly.  Wouldn't the proper name be "$sw-mass@partname"?  I tried that and it said my column heading had an invalid feature name.  I don't want the mass of a feature I want the mass of a part.  As a test I made a simple square part, assigned it a material, and inserted an autogenerated DT.  I entered a parameter called "$sw-mass" and the cell below it stayed blank.  Shouldn't the mass have showed up?  What is the correct way to get a part's weight into a DT?  Thanks.