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Automate force rebuild on transition

Question asked by aaron schiel on Jan 13, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Mason Benzinger

I am trying to automate a force rebuild on a transition.  The reason is that I am trying to update a drawing with who it was approved by and date, so this information is not always present.  But when I change a state, the info is updated on the drawing card and custom properties through Set Variable.  If you look at the preview after the transition, the updated info is not present however.  But it shows up if you open the solidworks drawing and save it because the custom properties are there.  But I need this to be automated.  Is there anyway to do this during a state trasition.  I have tried through creating a task and a dispatch action but have been unsucessful.  I think I need to be able to check the file out, rebuild it, save it and check the file back in.  So doing this through a task script seem like the most logical way to do this.  But I am new to the language, so I don't know what the script should look like.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.