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    Does anyone know why Foreshortened dimension works only sometimes???

    Thomas Werner


         I'm using SW2010 sp4.0, during the creation of a drawing we sometimes have to create section's to better communicate what we trying to create.  This I think everyone is familiar with,  but I have an issue that I just can't seem to find a workaround for.  Some of my dimensions can't fit in the main view so I drag them down into the section view’s to help clarify what I’m dimensioning.  Sometimes I can drag a dimension down and it automatically turns into a foreshortened dimension and sometimes no matter what I do I can't get it to look right.  Here are some attached files for an example of a dimension that is supposed to look like a foreshortened dim but doesn't.  I also attached a file that shows the correct way that I’m trying to show it, it came from the same drawing and worked for that dimension but why won’t it work for the other??????