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    System line thickness in SW2010

      Hello there,


      I want to ask, if you can help me?

      In my company we upgraded from SW 2008 to SW 2010. Previously we have used the system line thikness for printing the drawings. In this new version (2010), there is no such option in print dialog.


      Is there any possibility to make the line thickness a system option in SW 2010?


      I know that I can change the line thickness in document properties and save it like a template. I've already did that, but we still have plenty of old drawing in which the line thickness does not match our company standards.


      Thanks for Help.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Martin


          The best way might be to set up a quick macro (a kind a of program to do thing automatically) which will run through all the drawing, open them, change the line thickness setting, save them and finally close. Does that sound good?? If yes share one of your empty drawing or line thickness setting you would need and someone may try a hand to get you something.


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