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    "Unable to interpolate nodal temperatures" error during thermal simulation

    Brandon Liew

      Hi all,


      In Simulation 2010, whenever I run a static simulation linked to thermal data, and I use dissimilar meshes, I get the "Unable to interpolate nodal temperatures" error.  If I copy the mesh from the thermal sim, everything runs fine.  Does anyone know why I'm seeing this problem and how to fix it?


      Many thanks in advance,

      Brandon Liew

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          Regis WACHEUX

          Hi Brandon,

          When running a mechanical study with input temperatures from a thermal study, I copy the mesh created in the thermal study and paste it in the mechanical study mesh. In that way, there is insurance that the calculated temperatures are reported in the mechanical study. Otherwise, when running two meshes, if the meshes are different, there is a risk that the nodes do not correspond, and that the input temperatures are not defined in the mechanical study. This should be the cause of that error message.


          In the same idea, if there is a need to add a controlled mesh in the mechanical study, the thermal study must be re-run to take the same controlled mesh, then only the mesh should be copied in the mechanical study to be run.


          Hope this helps.