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Modelling a race seat

Question asked by Hayden Borrie on Jan 12, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2011 by Michael Maz

Something I have been looking at for a while is modelling of a race seat, but so far have not come up with an accurate and robust way of approaching this (am quite new to SW).


The seat in question is a Tillet T9.5XL




I initially attemped to use the 'blueprints' method, sketching multiple profiles, then using them to control a surface.. I created a 3D sketch for the rim, created a Surface Fill then used the freeform function to pull the surface (quite innacurately) into shape. Kind of.




I would be interested to know whether anyone would have a different method than this to create the seat moulding with the edge rim, and have it adaptive, symmetrical, accurate and parametrically driven. I have the seat in question at my disposal, so measuring to create a series of sketches through the part is also an option.


Thanks in advance.