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    Surface loft problem

    Rich Bolduc

      Having trouble with a surface loft.  If I do the Compcurv where it is below it works, but then the parts arent touching and there's 2 bodies which I can't combine.  If I move everything back some and put the Compcurve on the backside where everything is and move all the sketchese and guide curve to the back side of this piece I can't do a loft.  Any idea how I can get this to work?


      And like my last surfacing help offer... I'll be at SWW and i'll be buying drinks for help

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          Charles Culp

          I was going to do it for you, but I'm just too busy between now and SWW.


          Create the loft to the near edge. Then create that end-cap fill to the far edge. Then fill around the far edge. Use delete face to delete all of the faces of the existing solid model that create the thickness between the near and far edge.  It looks like you make need to use fill on all those flat faces for the lip as well. Then you can knit it all together.