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    Linear Static Analysis

    Chris DiSalvatore

      With newly installed solidworks premium 2011 with flow simulation, attempting to conduct a linear static analysis.

      No simulation study tab is available to access study property manager. Only simulation express analysis wizard

      shown. Also, simulation express does not function with an assembly, only a part file. Need to conduct linear static

      analysis on an assembly file (define properties, material, restraints, external loads).

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          David Suelflow

          Sounds like you need to activate the Simulation module by going to “Tools>Add-Ins…” and check the box by Simulation.  On the most recent study we did, once the model was complete, we saved the assembly as a part and analyzed that.  It speeded things up for us, the assembly was 12Mb and the “Save-As” part was less than 2Mb.

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            James Venus

            My assembly is made up of several parts that will be bolted together.  If I save the assembly as a part what will that do to all of my connections?


            Will I still be able to bolt them together??  It looks like to me if I save my assm. as a single part it will make SIMULATION think my part is ONE unit like it is welded together and my bolts won't be seen.


            My problem now is that I have 10 parts and 40 bolts.  Part is mostly a 40" x 20" x 1/2" plate with parts bolted to it.  Weight is 150 lbs.  SW is taking over 2 hrs to run simulation.  Just doesn't seem right to me.


            Machine is an i7 with 12 Gig ram and 500 meg NVIDIA QUADRO FX 580 vid card.


            Any suggestions appreciated.


            Thanks great site