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    User Database directory

    Randy Ooms

      Installing ePDM for the first time, and on page 18 of the install guide it has an optional step.


      Database Engine Configuratio/Data Directories tab - (Optional) To chane the default folder where databases created by Enterprise PDM are stored, change the location for User database directory and User database log directory.


      What exactly is this refering to?

      Is this where the CAD files are going to reside, or simply the database?


      Sever 2008 R2, SQL, and the ePDM software will be installed on "C"

      Our data is going to end up on a seperate partition "D"

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          Lee CS Young

          It's the location where the database files (.mdf, .ldf) are stored. The log file can grow so you may want to put those files on a drive specifically for data. If you don't care or have a lot of drive space (who doesn't these days), I wouldn't worry about changing the default location.

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            Tor Iveroth

            Once you have set up the vaults I would recommend that you change the database recovery model to "Simple" to keep the database transaction logs from growiong too much.  See install guide chapter 10 "Managing the SQL Transaction Log Size".


            Also, don't forget to set up a database backup job.


            -Tor Iveroth, SolidWorks technical support