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Solidworks is interpreting the bend radius of a part as an individual line when the part is unfolded

Question asked by Antony Beynon on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

The part that I will attach to this message is an example of a simple part which we have been creating for many years using SolidWorks. The issue is that to unfold and convert the part to the relevant format we have been using a software called "Sheetworks". This software is made specifically to aid the unfolding and conversion of the sheet metal parts into our old tooling/machining software. As it is specific to sheet metal components there is an ability to alter specific details,design issues and bypass certain problems which may have occurred.


We have recently purchased a new tooling/machining software which uses solidworks to unfold the parts and it has brought to our attention the problem of solidworks interpreting the bend radius' of a part as individual lines when the part is unfolded.


The problem this causes is the tooling/machining software is trying to punch detail ,which can be smaller than 1mm, for which there are no punches. If there is anyone who has any ideas on how this problem could be resolved i would be very grateful .