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Sewing large between two surfaces imported from STEP

Question asked by Carter West on Jan 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2011 by Mans Collner

Hi folks,


I'm fairly competant at surfacing, however, it's not my strong suit.

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My client sent me a design concept in a 3D model.  Don't know the origin, perhaps 3DS Max?  Doesn't matter.  I only get the STEP geometry.  From this, I need to make a mold for a rubber skin.  I also need to add some features for snaps, fasteners, etc.  I used STEP body to copy surfaces using offset surfaces with thickness set to zero.  Then I hide the original model view so I can work on the features I need to change.


My problem is that on the model there are fillets (that I don't copy in the surface copy process) and design features to give it cosmetics and regions.  I need to fill those in order to create my models.  Then I can trim etc.  The software they used however is not as verbose as SW and when I try to blend them together I can't get a smooth nor meshed surface to make my final thickness to 3mm solid.


Help?  What I need help with is; fill the gaps.  Knit to create a single body.  Thicken outwards to 3mm.


The file attached is a small section because this is proprietary and not ready for public.  Thanks in advance.