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Hardware dependence for edit, rebuilt and save assy times.

Question asked by George Skribas on Jan 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by George Skribas

I am starting to get really annoyed with the minutes i am waiting for an assy(mostly routing assys) to go to 1) edit route mode, 2) to exit route mode, 3) to rebuilt and 4) to save it. The time is not quite long, but also my assys are not that big yet. If i but i want to make a small upgrade if possible to minimize it.


My pc is gettting really slow also when i am on edit route mode and 5) moving the mouse's wheel to zoom in.


Are 1) to 5) times dependent to CPU clock speed or to HDD read / write speed or both? Of course an SSD would help to boot times, but would it help to all the above?Any opinion about 6.0Gbps Sata's?