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Random Excel BOM bug...

Question asked by 1-OT7JL1 on Jan 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2011 by 1-OT7JL1

I've been having random issues with Excel BOM insertion... So far, it has'nt caused me any serious trouble but my colleague has been having the same problem since last week and his case seems worse. Here's a screenshot


The problem appeared randomly on my WinXP with SW 2009 32bit. We've upgraded to Win7 and SW 2009 64bit and I had the same problem. I can work around it by shutting down the EXCEL.exe process in the task manager. The BOM command then aborts and I can redo it and it works fine. My colleague also upgraded a few months ago and all was fine until last week when it started doing it all the time and the task manager solution does'nt work because the EXCEL.exe process does not show up in the list.


What would cause such behaviour... Has anybody else had this problem??


Thanks a bunch!!