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    Dual Monitors & Design Tree

    Aaron Taney

      Is there a way to undock the design tree, and move it to monitor #2 in SW 2011? I'm able to undock the command, and property managers, but not the design tree.

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          Chris Lindloff

          You guys are all wrong!  The way I have "moved" my design tree to the second monitor is by:


          -My setup involves a 21" square monitor on the left, and a 24" wide on the right which I use as my main solidworks window.

          -Do not maximize the solidworks window, you will need to manually size it.

          -Position the solidworks on the right screen fully dragging the window boundries to the top, bottom, and right.  Drag the left window boundry off the left of the main monitor and far enough along to get the feature tree fully on the left window.

          -I have also increased the width of the tree to be as wide as my command manager tool bar.  This put all of my commands on the left screen (other than the transparant toolbar at the top of the screen.  It pretty much makes the entire 24" widescreen into model area.


          At times there it a little fiddling around to get the windows sized, but overall once it is set up for a model it works awesome.


          I still not have found a great way to deal with multiple files open, Such as an assembly and its mating part(s), but a "tile horizontally" work ok, but it gives wide short work areas.

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            Charles Culp

            The FeatureManager (what you called the design tree) cannot be undocked. The PropertyManager can (what comes up "over" the FeatureManager when you edit a feature). So can all your toolbars, including the CommandManager.


            Yes, I am just reiterating and confirming your question.

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              Scott Treichler

              I can't believe that 5 years later this still isn't an option. 


              Yes, you can drag the screen so that only the feature manager appears on the left monitor, but then your commands are spread across two screens. 


              I really don't understand why Solidworks is reluctant to implement this feature. 

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                Antony Robinson

                Hi Aaron.

                I have found the following solution to be the most suitable for Soidlworks 2016.

                Tick command manager

                View , dual screen

                move property manager to 2nd screen

                move command mamnager items back to the top of 1st screen

                Also make use of the 's' shortcut.  This has saved loads of mouse travel.  I'm gradually transferring every command that I use to the 's' shortcut.

                Only problem is excess ve mouse travel to the property manager . Which is no worse than the tree being on the 2nd screen.

                swx dual screen.PNG