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PDMW TIP: Creating a 'Shortcut' to an External File (i.e. Stored Outside of Vault)

Discussion created by Mike Wilson on Jan 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2011 by Mike Wilson

There is a little known trick in PDM Workgroup for linking to an external file, such as a datasheet or PDF archive.


Here's how ...


*) Open a SolidWorks session, and 'pin' the task pane (be sure and set it to the PDM area to see vault)


*) Browse to your file using Windows Explorer


*) Right-click the file and select 'Create Short Cut'


*) Drag the shortcut to the SolidWorks task pane and drop it in the desired vault location


*) Delete shortcut from Windows Explorer


Now you can 'check out' the link and it it will immidiately open that file (from outside of the vault of course).


I like to drop it on top of related files so that they become 'attached' to them. I also like to keep the 'Shortcut' name, although you dont' have to.