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    PDM + CRM

    Russ Johnston

      Are there any PDM systems that also have CRM capabilities?

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          Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

          Hello Russ !


          CRM-Customer Relationship Management

          PDM-Product Data Management

          MRP- Material Resource Plannning

          SCM - Supply Chain Management Etc are all subsets of PLM System.


          AFAIK I don't think there is any PDM With CRM Capabilities.


          Cheers !


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            Steve Martens

            Hello Russ,

            I don't know if you found a solution for your pdm and crm question, I am looking for a similiar solution.


            Any luck?



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              Steve Ostrovsky

              I actually semi-setup EPDM to mimic our CRM just to see if I could do it (Companies, Contacts, Quoting, Opportunity Management) as a proof of concept. I could do quite a lot, but the problem is CRM can mean so many different things to different companies with different needs. PDM tools are the same way, but at least they handle basic PDM functions (check in/out, rev control, etc).


              Define what you need your CRM to do and then you can get a proper answer.

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                  Steve Martens

                  We do project based engineering, so essentially It would be great to have one location that stores not only the modeling and engineering data but emails and phone notes for each company/project.  If there was a simple way to store customer card and contacts at that company with details that would be great.


                  One of the guiding thoughts I am working on is to have as much automated as possible, I don't want the overhead that many CRM systems have of linking emails to something, or whatever needs to happen.  I am demo-ing a little utility called mail manager from Oasys right now, really like it as it helps file things for me without needing me to always remember it.  Don't know if it will work with whatever PLM/PDM system we go with, but that is the type of functionality I am going for.

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                      Steve Ostrovsky

                      EPDM handles email out of the box. Drag and drop straight from Outlook into a project folder and you have it for all to search and see. Contacts might be a little more of a stretch, but you could easily create a Virtual Doc that is the contact and then attach them to project or document data. I've seen some creative ways to use EPDM. If you're really inrerested, get your VAR to lay out a proof of concept.


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